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More and more families in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries are looking for an au pair 50plus. An au pair aged 40, 50 or even 60 years offers numerous advantages: there is generally more experience than a young person can provide, frequently more understanding and considerateness in handling problems, and mostly a readiness to help others without being asked to. Au pairs 50plus do not enter into any employment relationship and are not subject to the strict regulations and protective criteria applied on juvenile au pairs. They travel as private tourists and negotiate the conditions for staying with their host family independently. Consequently, suchlike au pair 50plus relations are also significantly mire budget-friendly for host families who do not have to pay any costly agency fees or defined allowances. Furthermore, entry and visa requirements are less complicated for au pair 50plus as they are traveling as tourists. Our agency does not facilitate any employment contracts. Terms and conditions for a stay will be negotiated independently by au pair-granny and host family. Requested are au pairs for child and pet care, as homecare assistance, companion, travel escort, home supervisor, or as temporary replacement for young long-term au pairs.

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Respect - Integration - Regulations

Au pairs and families regulate the conditions of the stay with each other personally and personally. We recommend to follow our tips for aupairs and tips for host families and expressly point out that this portal does not operate employment agencies!

The integration of an au pair should take place against free meals and lodging. A pocket money per week to the au pair should be self-evident. Au pair 50 plus are integrated into the family and are not nannies or even cleaners!

We have a big request in the interest of our profiles: Please respond to e-mail communications, even if you are already "planned". There should always be time for a short note as an answer. That command the respect and courtesy.
Advice to Aupair and Host
3 things in life, that never come back again:
The days you've seen,
The experience that you have made,
The chances you have missed.

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